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10th International Congress on Medical and Applied Malacology 동영상 총 57 편

Bivalve molluscan biogeography of the East/Japan Sea
- Konstantin A. Lutaenko(A. V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology, For East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) / 발표 : Konstantin A. Lutaenko
The future of biodiversity
- John B. BurchMuseum and Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, College of Literature, Science & the Arts, and School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan / 발표 : John B. Burch
Current status and prospect of shellfish culture in Republic of Korea
- Young Je Park, Jae Hee Song, Kwang Sik ChoiTidal Flat Research Institute, National Fisheries Research and Development Institute of Korea, Faculty of Marine Biomedical Sciences, Jeju National University / 발표 : Young Je Park
General profile of reproduction and recruitment of asari clam in Tokyo Bay, Japan
- Mitsuharu TOBAChiba Prefectural Fisheries Research Center, Tokyo Bay Laboratory / 발표 : Mitsuharu TOBA
The bivalve Laternula elliptica as a sentinel organism for environmental monitoring in the Antarctic coastal waters
- In Young AhnKorea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) / 발표 : In Young Ahn
Fertilizing Molluscs are genotypically hermaphroditic: a Hypothesis (or fantasy)
- William H. HeardDepartment of Biolotical Science, Florida State University / 발표 : William H. Heard
Growth and seasonal energetics of the ascidian Styela clava in Jindong bay, Korea
- Nam Jung Kim, Eun Jung Choy, Hyun Je Park, Jung Hyun Kwak, Chang Keun KangDepartment of Biological Sciences, Pusan National University, Polar Research Institute, Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) / 발표 : Chang Keun Kang
Study of correlation between organics and mineral in oyster shell formation
- Seung Woo Lee, Kyu Bock Lee, Seung Bin ParkDepartment of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST / 발표 : Seung Woo Lee
Effects of water current on the early nursery life of hatchery Japanese scallop Patinopecten yessoensis
- Qtae Jo, Su Kyoung Kim, Chae Sung Lee, Jong Hwa Kim, Myoung Mo AhnEast Sea Fisheries Research Institute / 발표 : Qtae Jo
Some new data on reproductive interrelations between cyprinid fishes (cyprinidae: acheilognathinae, gobioninae) and freshwater bivalves (unionidae) in the amur river, Russia
- Elena M. Sayenko, Anna V. KhlopovaInstitute of Biology and Soil Sciences, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Khabarovsk Branch of Pacific Research Fisheries Centre / 발표 : Elena M. Sayenko
Biological environmental characteristics in habitat of an abalone Haliotis diversicolor in the eastern coastal waters of Jeju island, Korea
- Joon TaEk Yoo, Young Min Choi, Moon Ho Yang, Joon Chul Ko, Yang Jae ImFisheries Resources Research Division, NFRDI, Dokdo Fisheries Research Center, NFRDI, Jeju Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI / 발표 : Joon TaEk Yoo
Ontogenetic niche shifts of abalone Haliotis discus hannai in relation with population dynamics
- Nam Il Won, Tomohiko Kawamura, Hideki Takami, Yoshiro WatanabeOcean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, Tohoku National Fisheries Reseasrch Institute / 발표 : Nam Il Won
Growth and Survival of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Chamberlainia hainesiana (Lea, 1856) from Juvenile to Adult Reared in Different Sites and Densities
- Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi, Satit KovitvadhiDepartment of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University / 발표 : Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi
Freshwater malacofauna of the lake Baikal region: biodiversity, origin and connections with adjacent faunas of siberia, mongolia and southern Russian far
- Prozorova Larisa A., Sitnikova Tatiana YaInstitute of Biology and Soil Science, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Limnological Institute, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences / 발표 : Prozorova Larisa A
Seashell Food Culture Related to Mollusk Biodiversity in Korean Coasts and Islands
- Jong Geel Je, Sun Kee HongCity and Nature Institute, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, Mokpo National University / 발표 : Jong Geel Je
The Molluscan Diversity and Malacofauna Database in Taiwan
- Wen Lung WuBiodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan / 발표 : Wen Lung Wu
The Mollusks of Seogundo, Jeju Island, South Korea
- Ronald G. Noseworthy, Kwang Sik ChoiField Associate, Shellfish Aquaculture and Research Laboratory, School of Applied Marine Science, College of Ocean Science, Cheju National University, School of Applied Marine Science, College of Ocean Science, Cheju National University / 발표 : Ronald G. Noseworthy
Ultrastructural Studies of Vitellogenesis in Oocytes and Oocyte Degeneration Associated with Follicle Cells in Female Sinonovacula constricta (Bivalvia: Pharidae) in Western Korea
- Ee Yung Chung, Young Je ParkKorea Marine Environment and Ecosystem Research Institute, Tidal Flat Research Institute, NFRDI / 발표 : Ee Yung Chung
Reproductive behaviour of sydney rock oysters, saccostrea glomerata, slected for faster growth
- Michael C. Dove, Wayne A. O'ConnorNSW Department of Primary Industries, Port Stephens Fisheries Institute / 발표 : Michael C. Dove
Comparative study on the reproduction and physiological condition of Marteilioides chungmuensis infected oyster, Crassostrea gigas from Tongyong off the southern coast of Korea
- Yanin Limpanont, Bong Kyu Kim, Kwang Sik ChoiSchool of Applied Marine Science, Jeju National University / 발표 : Yanin Limpanont

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