Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers    Vol.20   No.3   pp.255-267  . Year.2008  
Numerical Simulation of Ship-induced Wave Using FLOW-3D?

Young Seung Kang, Pyeong Joong Kim, Sang Kwon Hyun, Ha Keun Sung

Korea Ocean Science & Engineering Corp., GeoPDM co. ltd.
Using the commercial CFD code FLOW-3D? which has an implicit General Moving Object (GMO) method, the ship-induced wave has been simulated. In the implicit GMO method of the FLOW-3D?, a rigid body's motion which is either user-prescribed (prescribed motion) or dynamically coupled to fluid flow (Coupled motion) can be computed with six degrees of freedom (DOF). The simulated horizontal wave patterns are agree with the wave patterns represented by depth Froude number. The model has been well-simulated to generate the depth-dependent wave transformation in comparison of uniform depth case to complicated depth case. Additionally, it shows that ship-induced waves have been reasonably generated by two ships passing each other and by a ship moving in a curve. Therefore, it is suggested that the FLOW-3D? model calibrated with observed data should provide more accurate prediction for the ship-induced wave in a certain fairway or harbor.

[Keyword] ship-induced wave, flow-3d, cfd